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How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk Away

How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk Away

How much does it cost to haul junk away? Most people tend to rely mostly on the city garbage trucks to come pick up their waste, but most of them don’t know it’s possible to actually call for companies to haul bigger pieces of junk away; and the ones who do, don’t know how to calculate debris removal costs for a more effective and affordable service. If you’re interested in knowing how to price junk removal jobs, especially if you’re keen on understanding how much does furniture removal cost or such larger items, then keep reading – this article is just for you. Although, keep in mind that all prices and information mentioned in this article are based on national averages. 

How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk Away
How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk Away

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

This article will describe the main factors behind the pricing of junk removal jobs and how to select the best service for you. By the end of the article, not only will you know how to calculate debris removal costs, but also be prepared to get rid of all the junk that’s been sitting outside of your building or home for future instances.

Key Factors

Before selecting your junk disposal company, keep in mind that junk removal services charge their final price according to two factors: type and volume of the junk and the number of truckloads. The average price based off of the national average is about $1.50 per cubic feet or $450 per truck, though you should also consider the vehicle operating cost (distance, gas, stops, etc.), the labor (that is, the salary and the number of employees), admin cost, time, drop-off fees, hazardous waste fees, and the return on certain items through sales.

Likewise, before selecting your service, keep in mind that the company must be licensed, insured, and bonded, and always provide you an upfront price. If they meet these criteria, they’re reliable.

Types of Services

Now that you’ve found your ideal company, it’s time to specify the type of service you need. There are three types of waste management companies you can hire, which each cost differently:

  • Junk Removal – These include the removal of large items, such as refrigerators, furniture, TVs, stoves, air conditioners, sofas, etc. People usually opt for junk removal companies when they’re renovating parts of their home like their bathroom or they’re changing their entire home. Regardless of what you’re renovating, it’s important to have a checklist that includes junk removal services. Some cities offer a free junk removal day once a quarter, whereas professional services can charge between $70–$570.
  • Waste Removal – This involves removing hazardous items, like latex paint and mercury, or construction debris. Waste removal can also include parts of your ceiling that you may have to remove if there are termites in there. Professional services charge around $60–$125, but keep in mind that very few companies provide hazardous removal services.
  • E-Waste Disposal – These services cover technical items such as computers, monitors, printers, etc., but costs vary (for example, computer and/or print disposals cost $70–$90).
  • Composting – Food waste and yard debris can be removed and composted for around $70-$100.

How much does it cost to haul junk away?

On average, and considering the waste type, the lowest price you’ll pay is $70–$100 (for a minimum load), the highest being $550–$570 (for a maximum truckload). A single-family home would pay around $210 while a business would spend about $500.

But wait, how much does furniture removal cost? 

The largest pieces, such as queen or king mattresses, cost around $70–$105, while electro domestics, such as washers and dryers are $70–$205. Large entertainment center cost $99–$250, and large pieces of couch or sofa cost $208–$375.

How much does it cost to haul away a couch?

As we just stated, the average price to hire a junk removal service to come pick up your furniture begins at $70 and escalates all the way up to $375.

Should you tip junk haulers?

Yes, just as you would for any other service, even more so if you receive great service.

What cannot go in a dumpster?

Hazardous waste, such as TVs, PCs, fridges, paints, solvents, liquids and so on. Hazardous waste can’t go into the dumpsters, so for these cases, either hire a professional company or contact your county office for assistance.

Bottom Line 

To sum it up, how much does it cost to haul junk away? As we just stated above, the minimum you’ll pay is $70–$100, while the maximum will be $550–$570. If you still have problems understanding how to calculate debris removal costs, how to price junk removal jobs, and how much does furniture removal cost, you can always revisit this article or reach out to a trusted and local junk removal company such as the pros at Junk Slayers LLC to help. Trust us: doing the math beforehand will save you thousands of bucks in the long run.

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