How to Refinish a Bathtub
How to Refinish a Bathtub
July 5, 2020
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May 15, 2022

Choosing kitchen cabinet materials to customize one of the home areas that bring you joy while cooking can be difficult. This is especially true when identifying what material is used for kitchen cabinets. Let’s go through the best materials for kitchen cabinets that you can choose from.

Laminate Cabinets

Aside from wood, laminate competes as one of the best materials for kitchen cabinets. Laminate cabinets offer a sleek and contemporary vibe without compromising the homey feel of wood cabinet materials.

Laminate cabinets may be prefabricated or customized partially or in full. Prefabricated ones make the most affordable pick, while fully customized cabinets are the most expensive. Painting laminate cabinets takes a lot of work but you can achieve your desired result once the surfaces and paint are prepared well.

Laminate cabinets are less durable but they are a cheaper alternative to wooden cabinet materials. They show the appearance of wood but they are cleaned easily without worrying too much about damaging the quality of the material. Simply use a sponge and a household cleaner, and voila you’re good to go. Repairing a chipped laminate cabinet can be costly, so be extra careful.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel is the best material for kitchen cabinets in terms of durability. It will never suffer from cracks, molds, and mildew. The industrial look of steel cabinets complements not just office spaces and room additions but also a kitchen with posh and modern design.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials
Best Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Steel is one of the best types of kitchen cabinet materials, and stainless steel cabinets complement wood cabinets to set the contrast in the overall look of your kitchen. Stainless steel creates an interesting visual contrast when mixed with kitchen cabinet materials made of wood.​ Stainless steel cabinets are often imagined as monochromatic to the eyes, but adding vivid pops of color will make the vibe of your kitchen lively without being too flashy.

Additional kitchen cabinet materials you can add to steel cabinets are glass panels that can come in clear, patterned, opaque, and leaded forms. Aside from showing the contents of your pantry easily, glass panels can tone down the amount of steel seen in your cabinets. When it comes to value and durability, steel is an easy pick for the best material for kitchen cabinets.

Wooden Cabinets

Aside from the usual refinishing of a bathtub, remodeling your kitchen is one of the many home improvements you can do. When it comes to asking what material is used for kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen cabinet materials never run out of style. Being used for its classy and rustic look, wood is one of the main categories of the types of kitchen cabinet materials. You will have to ensure you clean your wood cabinets properly to elongate the life of them. But, what are the best materials for kitchen cabinets when using wood?

Kitchen Cabinet Materials
Cabinet Materials


The pale gold-colored oak is affordable, easily found, and damage-resistant because of its tough composition.


Birch has a smooth texture and holds applied stains well.


Maple has a tough and attractive grain that withstands cracks and scratches.


Cherry isn’t as tough as maple, but its dark and luxurious texture can be carved into designs that get darker over time when exposed to light.


Pine is a much softer type of wood, and both of its knotty and white forms bring a rustic feel to kitchen countertops and furniture.

Mahogany, ebony, and bamboo

Mahogany, ebony, and bamboo are simple yet classy. In terms of luxury, they are the best materials for kitchen cabinets especially if you like to make a statement. The only downside to these wood cabinet materials is their cost since they are often imported because of limited supply.

Play with a mixture of all these kitchen cabinet materials to make your kitchen visually appealing and lively that is perfect for a minimalist kitchen look. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can ask help from kitchen remodeling professionals to get the job done.

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