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If you’re planning to renovate your home, having a checklist is key. Whether it’s a big or small renovation, a solid checklist can help you make preparations, keep up with what’s happening next and know what to expect throughout the renovation process. As such, a step by step renovation checklist can come in quite handy.

Step by Step Home Renovation Checklist

Are you renovating on a budget or remodeling a small home? This post highlights some of the most critical items you need to check off during a home renovation. It covers everything from consulting a professional to planning site access and relocating drains and plumbing.

Step by Step Home Renovation Checklist

Consult a Pro

Start by consulting a professional contractor about the project so they can evaluate the structure and condition of your home. A local and experienced contractor will provide valuable information on whether you’ll need a permit and highlight any safety issues to be concerned about. So if you’re worried about your kitchen redesign, they can let you know what kitchen trends are current so you can make the right decision. 

Stabilize the Structure, If Necessary

If your home is in despair or particularly old, you may need it to be structurally reinforced before going ahead with the project. This could include inserting steel beams where necessary or adding piling or underpinning to the existing foundation. A reputable home remodeling contractor should be able to stabilize the structure before beginning the remodeling process.

Plan Site Access

Find out from your contractor the size of the tools and machinery that will be used and plan how they’ll enter the property. This is especially the case if the project will require large construction tools and machinery. Similarly, it’s important to plan how the construction team will access the renovation site. Sometimes you may need to widen a doorway or remove a fence.

Do any Demolition Work

Step by Step Home Renovation Checklist

Your renovation contractors should have the right tools and manpower for demolition work, such as opening up doorways and windows, tearing down walls and removing old cabinetry. Plan to have contractors remove any bulk waste, things like counters, large cabinets, floors, ceiling beams and walls, etc.

Relocate any Drains and Plumbing

If your renovation project involves moving or adding a tub, toilet or sink, you might need to do drain or plumbing relocation. This may also be necessary if you’re renovating or adding your laundry area.  If you hire a full-service remodeling company you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about walking through this step alone.

Major Renovations

The next item on your checklist is the major renovations: putting in large items such as cabinets, vanities, islands, installing windows, moving doorways and walls, etc. Be sure to communicate with your contractor during this step because how these items are structured and placed are crucial to how your home will look in the long run.

Flooring and Minor Renovations

Your next item on the list is the minor projects: painting the walls, installing appliances, adding in new tiles and making other aesthetic updates you’ve chosen. You want to be clear to your contractors about the placement and construction of these new additions.

Bottom Line

There are many cool home improvement ideas to consider when planning your renovation. At the end of it all, you’ll do a final walkthrough to determine whether everything has met your expectations. Once the project is done, you’ll want to dry the space, especially if you’ve restained, repainted or added in lots of cement, tile or grout. The last step is to put out your final home décor changes and enjoy the outcome. Now that’s a step by step renovation checklist you can adapt depending on the size and scope of your project.

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