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September 3, 2019
termites in ceiling
Termites in Ceiling
October 16, 2019
early signs of termites

Several factors contribute to the emergence of termites including moisture levels, rising temperatures, atmospheric pressure, wind and light intensity. Termites are also good at keeping out of sight so you might not notice that your house is infested until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to learn some of the early signs of termites.

Early Signs of Termites

This post highlights some tips on how to spot a termite infestation early on or signs that one may be brewing. It points out all the typical signs ranging from swarms to mud tubes and termite droppings.

    • Swarms

A termite swarm is usually the only time you can see termites or even find out that you have termites before damage is discovered. Termites swarms can occur both outside and indoors and this is how they establish new colonies. These can become more prevalent if there are some sort of cracks in your home or your roof has some common roofing problems.

    • Discarded Wings

This is usually a typical sign that you have a termite problem. When a termite colony matures, the winged termites move from the nest to start a new colony. When they no longer need the wings, the termites shed them. As such, piles of wings indicate the presence of termites. If you see wings in your home or within your furniture , contact professional exterminators immediately.

    • Mud Tubes

      early signs of termites

Subterranean termites travel inside mud tubes created from soil. These thin tubes prevent the termites from drying out by preserving moisture. You’re most likely going to see mud tubes around the foundation of the building.

    • Frass

Frass or termite droppings are a common sign of a termite infestation. Most termite droppings are very small and look like wood shavings or sawdust. You’re most likely going to find the pellets where there is wood or if you’re renovating your home and tearing things up. If you spot frass in your premises, call a professional for a termite inspection.

    • Head Banging

Soldier termites shake their bodies or bang their heads against the wood to signal danger to other termites whenever their colony is disturbed. So, if you hear clicking sounds coming from your walls, that’s often an indication that you’re dealing with an infestation.

    • Outdoor Issues

Trees damaged by termites can be dangerous as they could land in your backyard or on your home. This could also be an indication that the termites are heading towards your home. One of the best ways to tell if a tree is infested by termites is to look for wood shavings and small holes where they entered into the tree.

    • Bubbling or Uneven Paint

Bubbling or uneven paint is a common sign of moisture build-up, which could be an indication of one or two things- termites or water damage.

    • Hollowed Out Wood

Termites will often eat wood from the inside out, so if you tap wood and it sounds hollow, that’s a common sign of an infestation. You can also look around for blistering pieces of wood.

Bottom Line
Those are some of the most common early signs of termites. Other signs to watch out for include exterior wood damage and indoor sightings. For instance, wood that’s damaged on the surface could be an indication of a termite infestation. Whenever you see any sign of an infestation, call professional exterminators immediately.

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