early signs of termites
Early Signs of Termites
October 7, 2019
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October 23, 2019
termites in ceiling

Having termites in ceiling is one sign that your home is heavily infested by these pests. They have gone all the way up, and it can never be good news. One sign of termite ceiling infestation is more like damage from light water. One challenge is that you will not notice their presence until they have done considerable damage. 

Termites in Ceiling

In this article, you learn how to prevent termites in your ceiling. You will also learn how to spot any early signs, and spring into action. Read on, and you will never be caught unawares by these destructive pests.

Signs of Termites in the Ceiling

It is not going to be easy spotting termite infestation in your ceiling. These pests are discreet and know that you will be on the lookout. They will creep in only for you to notice when they have done significant destruction. However, that does not mean you cannot spot early signs and stop them in their tracks. Here are some early signs of termites’ presence in the ceiling:

  • Termite Frass: Termites will release fecal droppings around their nest. When they clean, these droppings will fall off from the ceiling. They are small and light brown. When you spot these droppings, know that you have a termite problem right above your head. You can even find frass around your furniture as a tell tale sign that they’re in your furniture
  • Ceiling Cracks: Timber is the favorite food for termites. That is one reason why they go all the way up. They will begin destruction on the wood as soon as they set up their home. The timber will shift and cause cracks. If you can see the cracks from down there, the pests are trying to establish their dominance. You better get ahead of them before any more mess and renovate your ceiling before other insects infest your ceiling. 
  • Mud Tubes and Wings: When termites make a camp in your home, they will shed off their wings. Spotting them around your home means they are announcing their presence. In some other cases, you will notice mud tubes on the foundation or walls. 

Preventing Termite Damage in the Ceiling 

Termites can infest any home. As long as they can have a hearty meal at your house, they will come. Do not say that your home is new. Termites have no respect for any home. You have to be vigilant looking for early signs. It helps you prevent any further damage if you put in place early control. 

Getting your home inspected by professionals is one sure way of beating termites. You will be dealing with experts who can tell whether or not your home is at risk of termites’ attack. If they are yet to come, you will learn how to prevent future infestations. In instances where termites have already built a nest in your home, the professionals will eradicate them. Find an experienced termite removal company, and your home will always be safe. 

Wrap Up

Always be on the lookout for termites in ceiling. Early signs can help you deal with the problem before it becomes big. When you suspect an attack, get in touch with professionals. Remember, it is always better to prevent a problem. 

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