Types of Indoor Lighting – Where and How to Use Them

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Types of Indoor Lighting

Types of Indoor Lighting

Light plays a very important role in a house. One single room can serve a lot of purposes. It can be a place where you work, relax, share meals with your friends or do things that you love and much more. Hence, lighting plays a crucial role in setting up the right mood for the work. There are different types of indoor lighting that you need to know about before you can install them in your house. Different lighting serves different purposes.

Types Of Indoor Lighting
Types Of Indoor Lighting

Types of Indoor Lighting

If you are here to know about the different types of lighting that you can use indoors, then you are at the right place. We will discuss about the various types of lighting and where you can use them — even as part of an easy home improvement project.

  • Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting is mainly for lighting up the whole room. It is best for providing a uniform level of illumination throughout your room or space. This type of lighting ensures that the entire space is lighted up by reflecting on the walls too. Some of the examples of ambient indoor lighting are chandelier, wall-mounted fixtures or ceiling-mounted fixtures, LED downlights and table lamps. This can be a cool home improvement idea to consider if you’re looking to spruce up your home a bit. 

  • Task Lighting

Task lighting is meant for illuminating a certain area or space for carrying out a particular task such as cooking, working on the computer or reading books. In this case, a bright light is installed with a smaller focal point on the particular area. Make sure that you are choosing a softer light for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Do not go for a light which is too harsh. Some of the best examples for the task lighting are portable desk lamps, pendant lighting and slim line bar lighting.

  • Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is another type of decorative lighting which is used for accenting a particular area of the room. It is installed for focusing on a specific point or to achieve any special effect of your choice. This type of lighting can give an impression of a larger room. It is installed for highlighting any special architectural feature, a sculpture or a plant. Some of the examples of indoor lighting are track light, a wall-mounted fixtures and slim line bar. This sort of lighting should be considered a part of some of the first few steps in your home renovation checklist

In Conclusion

These are the three main types of indoor lighting. All these types of lighting can be used for designing the house and interior remodeling as well. While installing these lights you have to keep in mind about the rooms and its functions. For example, you will not like any harsh lights around the bed in your bedroom as that is for relaxation. Also, you will need a focus light for the kitchen where you will cook. You will also need an ambient lighting for the living space where you want to keep it bright. Regardless of your lighting choices, lighting can go a long way in remodeling small and large homes

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