Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard – What to Do?

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Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard

Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard

Nothing scares a homeowner more than seeing sewage coming out of pipe in yard. This sort of plumbing issue can cause lots of stress and a lot of money towards repairs. This article will go over why this is happening to your pipes and how to prevent it in the future. 

Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard
Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard

Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard 

In this post, you will learn of symptoms that your sewer line is on its way out. This is a heads up that you should take action before things spin out of your control. At the tail end, you will also learn how to prevent sewer line damage — especially since this is a recurring plumbing problem that can be found in old houses

Symptoms of a Failing Sewer System

  • Sewer Odor

When you smell that disgusting sewer odor in your house or compound, things are not looking good for you. This means that the sewer line is cracked and this is the beginning of your bad news. The line should be airtight and any sewer odor should tell you that you need an inspection and repairs done. 

  • Blockages and Backups

If every time you flush the toilet or use the sink you get water backing up, sewer problems are knocking on your door. Something is blocking the lines and you should get that addressed as soon as possible. Do not let this problem stay as things can get ugly in a short while and you end up spending a fortune to get the mess cleared. 

  • Sudden Rodent Infestation

Rodents are fond of sewers. It is their dominion and they can find way into your home. When the sewer lines bust, rats can easily squeeze themselves through the cracks and you get the uninvited guests to your home. Any sighting of rodents should send fear down your spine. They have broken the line and you need it fixed immediately. 

  • Slow Draining

It may not seem like a big problem when you get slow drains when you flush water. After all, the water will disappear albeit longer than it should take. You should not take this lightly. It is a warning that you cannot ignore. There is some intrusion in the drainage line and you need that sorted out as soon as possible. 

  • Mold Problem 

The sewer odor is closely followed by mold. You will see some green matter on the walls with sections of moisture. You should not have waited for this to happen. The pipes have burst and it is quickly accelerating and your action is needed right now. 

How to Prevent Damage to Your Sewer Line Systems

There is no shortcut to keep your sewer line in perfect condition. You have to care for it and maintain it all the time. Remember, prevention is the best cure. Hence, it is important to double and triple check all plumbing structures as a part of a step by step home renovation process as well. Engage professionals early enough when you notice a telltale sign. Sitting on these problems is only a time ticking bomb and you will spend more to contain the full blown problem. 

Bottom Line 

It is never good news to see sewage coming out of pipe in yard. Something is terribly wrong such as a potential leak, and you need to call the pros right away. To say ahead of these problems, maintain and have the professionals inspect the lines regularly and get your plumbing system regularly inspected. With that being said, it’s important to know how often your plumbing should be inspected

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