How to Prevent Pests – What are the signs of pests?

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How to Prevent Pests

How to Prevent Pests

Pests, just like humans, are afraid of adverse weather elements. They will try to find shelter and your home may be the best place for them. They will come and build their own home within yours. It is embarrassing to wake up every morning and run into rodents in your living room. When it comes to that, you would definitely want to know how to prevent pests. 

How to Prevent Pests

How to Prevent Pests
How to Prevent Pests

You are a perfect timer because this post is talking about keeping pests away from your home or office. It will tell you the early signs of pest infestations and how to keep them away. Keep reading and pests will be the last problem you deal with. 

Telltale signs of pest infestation.

While prevention is the key to stopping pests, you should know when you have a looming infestation. There should be early signs that you need to be aware of and look out for termite eggs and know how to inspect for a possible infestation. Here are early signs that you are about to get uninvited guests to your home or work place;

  • Rodents: this group of pests is notorious for taking too much of your space. They include rats and mice. For rats, you will notice black droppings as large as jelly beans. On the flip side, mice droppings are also black, but they are not larger than rice grains. Other signs will be a strong scent of ammonia coming from the rodent’s urine. Finally, you will notice nests made of fabric and lint.
  • Flies: it is not abnormal to notice a few flies in your space. However, when you see them in massive numbers then you are looking at an infestation. They will pitch camp on the trash bins and their numbers keep growing each day. You had better act swiftly when you notice this development. 
  • Cockroaches: these ugly and scary pests have a tendency to infest homes and anywhere they can get food and water. Their presence is announced by strong oily odors, egg shells that may be dark red, brown or black, and black droppings that look like pepper grains. Even in the winter you have to be aware of roaches lurking

How to prevent pest infestation.

How to Prevent Pests
How to Prevent Pests

 The best defense against pests is never letting them to build their nest in your home. You should do all you can to prevent any infestation at its onset. But how can you prevent pests from infesting your home or business premise?

  • Deny them space for shelter, food and water: Some of the reasons why pests will seek refuge in your space are to find shelter, food and water. If you deny them these things, they will have no reason to be around. Keep everything clean and safely dispose of food remnants. 
  • Block any points that pests can use to enter into your home. Holes on the walls and spaces in the foundation could be the areas pests use to make their entry. Do an inspection of your walls, foundation and basement. Seal any gaps and holes to keep away the nasty visitors from ever getting entry. 

How to prevent pests is the way to go for any home. Expert pest control servicers say block all entry points to your home and deny the pest water and food. Without entry, you will stop the infestation even before it begins.  

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