What Do Termite Eggs Look Like

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What Do Termite Eggs Look Like

Termites are best known for causing significant structural damage to buildings and homes. Like cockroaches, ants and other insects, these tiny creatures start their lives as termite eggs. While the best indication of a termite infestation is identifying larvae and live termite adults, spotting termite eggs is also a strong indication of the presence of termites in your premises. So, what do termite eggs look like?

What Do Termite Eggs Look Like

In this article, we’ll discuss several aspects of termite eggs. We’ll look at the appearance, numbers, and location in a colony among other factors. Make sure if you notice termites, you do a thorough termite inspection to deal with the issue. 

What Do Termite Eggs Look Like

What Do Termite Eggs Look Like?

A termite egg is quite tiny and you’re unlikely to find a single egg by itself. Most times, the eggs are found in clusters, which makes them easier to spot. Colors vary from white to pale orange. Some people describe the eggs as looking like piles of powder, caviar or jelly beans. The eggs take about four weeks to hatch into the nymph stage.

The first batch of eggs laid by the female termite is usually yellowish. But subsequent batches are whitish although there are also eggs with a slightly yellow or sherry color. 

How Many Eggs Do Termites Lay?

The queen termite is primarily responsible for increasing the size of the colony by laying eggs. However, some large colonies have secondary and tertiary reproductives who support the colony’s growth by laying eggs.

Pest control specialists say once the queen lays her eggs, the worker termites move them into incubation chambers and care for them until they hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the workers move them to chambers where they’re fed and groomed.

What Do Termite Eggs Look Like

A termite queen can produce more than 1000 eggs a day and live up to 25 years. In a lifetime, therefore, one queen can produce enough eggs for about 30 colonies.

Where Can You Find Termite Eggs

Termites will lay their eggs in the nest. While some species will build their nests in the soil, others opt for trees or structures such as fences or utility poles. Many termite species spread their colonies underground. The location of the nest will depend on the species. You can find termites in the ceiling and other places around your home as well. 

What to Do If You Find Termite Eggs in Your Property

Termite eggs are difficult to kill. However, newly hatched nymphs will not survive on their own. So, once you destroy a colony, the remaining eggs are no longer a threat. Termites are often difficult to detect. They can infest your property and build a colony that makes it more difficult to control. However, it’s important to know other tell-tale signs of infestation such as discarded wings, termite droppings and wood showing signs of water damage even when water hasn’t touched it.

Bottom Line

So, what do termites look like? Termite eggs generally look like tiny translucent yellow or white jelly beans. Since they’re laid inside the nest, it’s hard to see them. But if you spot termite eggs, that’s a sign that you need termite control services.

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