Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time? – What to Know

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Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?

Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?

More homeowners are buying into the idea of concrete pavers. Why? Concrete pavers can easily be installed and they come with a string of advantages. For instance, they do not crack easily. They are also easy to repair. But there is a common question everyone is asking about paving with concrete. Do concrete pavers fade over time? 

Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time
Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time

Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?

Well, you came to the right place. This is the post that has all answers about concrete pavers. It will tell you the varieties of the pavers you can use, if you should leave a gap in between pavers and how much sand you’ll need. Most importantly, you will also know if concrete pavers fade with time. If that is the information you were looking for, this post is serving it to you right now. 

Let us start this from the very top.

What are Concrete Pavers?

It is not right to start this post assuming that everyone is on the same page about what concrete pavers are. Concrete pavers are a mix of aggregate and cement in specific proportions. The mixture is poured into various molds to form different sizes and shapes. It is then left to dry naturally. Later, color pigmentation is added to create a variety of shades that customers can choose. 

Well, the other types of vapers are brick pavers but that is a topic for another day. 

Perks of Concrete Pavers

If you look around many homes, you will spot their pool decks, patios, and driveways treated to concrete paving. There is a reason why such a surge in popularity is happening, especially among the middle class. Well, it has a lot to do with the advantages that come with concrete pavers. Let us see what they bring to you and your home and if they’ll become a part of your step by step home renovation checklist;

  • Rich choices: concrete pavers come in multiple styles, colors and designs. It is very likely that you will find your preference ready for you. You can dream about it and concrete paving will make that dream turn into a reality on your driveway. 
  • Cost-effective: concrete is very affordable. Concrete pavers beat all its peers in terms of price and that does not compromise quality. You are getting the value of your money back several times over and a beautiful driveway. 
  • Easy installation: if you are a DIY champion, concrete pavers will be the smallest challenge you have faced. They come in uniform shapes and you can cut them to your preferred size and shapes

Do Concrete Pavers Fade with Time?

Yes, they do. Apparently, this is the biggest misgivings of concrete pavers. Instead of using natural color like in the case of clay pavers, concrete only adds color pigmentation. It is not permanent and will fade when exposed to adverse weather elements. The fading is more accelerated in areas that get a lot of sun throughout the year than relatively colder climates. 

Bottom Line 

Do concrete pavers fade over time? They do. But that does not take away the benefits they bring to your home and pocket. If you do not live in a sunny climate, go ahead and install the pavers and you will have this post to thank later. Once you’ve installed your concrete pavers and are looking for different ways to maintain them, you’ll then have to learn how to kill weeds between pavers and how to fix any loose pavers

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