Do I Need a Termite Bond?

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November 19, 2019
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do i need a termite bond

Do I need a termite bond? To put it simply, a termite bond is a standard termite contract between a specific individual and a termite company, with a special “termite warranty certificate” that will keep you safe for a longer time. As long as the contract is still valid, you, the client, will have the right to call for termite inspection services and enjoy free termite decontamination. But wait, what if it expires? Should I renew my termite warranty? This a good question; you need to weight the termite bond pros and cons before signing anything, and this article will present you some of the most common policies found in every termite bond so you can take your decision today.

do i need a termite bond

Do I Need a Termite Bond?

This article will bring upon you different pointers that’ll help you build up a better understanding of every standard termite contract. It is necessary to take a closer look at such concept, which is typically important for most house owners who are constantly ravaged by termite infestations, even more so if you can afford its policies and termite bond pros and cons.

What is a Termite Bond, exactly?

Termite bond means the warranty of household services given to a specific client by a specific termite company. The inspections are offered accordingly, for example, once a year or every couple of months. A termite bond allows you to enjoy the in-time services of solving termite problems for free. However, some companies only offer the services of taking away damaged domestic parts without fixing anything, while others do both. 

The Function of a Termite Bond

Like cockroaches, termites could still invade your house property even after a decent inspection. They can ruin the infrastructure of your home relatively quickly considering how quickly they can eat wood in a home. Having a termite bond is like holding a safety card that would hold the company accountable for keeping your house termite-free. It could also help maintain the quality of your house property, whether you wish to sell the house or not.

The Bond Provider

Providers are all well-accredited pest control companies. It is guaranteed that the inspectors of these companies will offer outstanding services to protect your property.

Should I Acquire One Now?

Sooner is better than later. If you seriously worry about any potential termite issue, then it is certainly not something you should hesitate to do right now. Acquiring a bond with effective inspection services is also a way of being responsible for your own family, and also for future potential tenants, should you wish to sell your house. 

The Cost of Having a Bond

The price normally ranges between $700-1,000 USD, depending on what kind of services you wish to acquire and how long the termite contract holds. Full services may cost a bit higher than minor service arrangements, though.

Do you have to have a termite bond?

As a powerful warranty, the termite bond includes all appointed, well-arranged free inspection services, so if you suffer termites infestations often, a bond is a must for your household.

What does a termite look like?

Somehow similar to ants, but the antennae of termites are straight. They have wider waists, but their wings share the same size. Knowing what they look like and what termite eggs look like will help in looking out for the signs of them in your home.

What is a transferable termite bond?

It means that the property’s new owner would also enjoy the benefits of a well-accredited, high-quality termite inspection service from the company. However, keep in mind that the bond is not always transferable; it depends on the company and on the contract.

Bottom Line 

Do I need a termite bond? As we mentioned above, a termite bond stands for legal, standard termite contract for household warranty, so having one is doing yourself and your household a big favor. Should I renew my termite warranty? Considering the actual termite bond pros and cons, we recommend you to do it, especially if your house is prone to termite attacks. If you also wish to let your house taste some glamour, consider a “termite warranty certificate” too; not only will it protect your family from infestations throughout the walls in the home, in the ceiling or in your furniture, but also keep your household healthy and standing, as long as the warranty lasts.

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