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April 1, 2019

Roofing is expensive and demands quality craftsmanship. Some common roofing mistakes can make it more expensive and can even affect the efficiency of your roof. Below is a list of the most common roofing mistakes that homeowners encounter and how they can impact the structural integrity of your home.

The Most Common Roofing Mistakes

Incorrect Installation of Shingles
If you are installing shingles on your own, then the possibility of incorrect installation is high. It is important to lay down your starter section of shingles along with the eaves. If you fail to do so, water can invade the bottom shingles.
Improper Slope
If you choose the wrong material for roofing, it will not match the slope of your roof. Also, it will cause penetration. You can take a slope of 4 units of rise per 12 units of run while installing tile, wood, and asphalt shakes and shingles.

Common Roofing Mistakes

Insufficient Valley Flashing
Roof valleys are prone to leaks since valleys deal with a large volume of the runoff water. Therefore, it is important to take extra caution to prevent leakage. When installing metal flashing, make sure that you are using enough securing materials and sealant to prevent water leaks.
Improper Installation of Valley Flashing
In addition, you need to ensure proper installation of the valley flashing. Some roofers install the valley flashing itself and that causes water leakages. While installing valley flashing, you need to ensure that it has been layered underneath of the shingles instead of keeping it on the top of the shingles. Also, the U-shape of the metal must face the valley. Otherwise, unexpected water entry will cause flashing or shingle deterioration.
Incorrect Use of Nails
If you do not use the required amount of nails and do not utilize them properly, then shingles might slip down from your roof. Or pop up, leaving places for Pigeons to nest. Experts at Pigeons Solutions Phoenix say that is one of the main causes for pigeon problems. Make sure that you are using four nails per shingle and use six nails for roofs with steep grades. Your nails should not drive into the self-sealing strip as well.
Improper Planning for Ice Dams
In cold climates, ice dams might form at your roofline and that will force water under your shingles if your roof is not insulated properly. You can prevent this condition by putting down an underlayer or by adding an additional layer. Both these will protect your roof from melting ice water.
No Ventilation
While installing shingles, it is always important to ensure that air can escape from the ceiling and attics. In the absence of proper ventilation, it can cause moisture buildup and can damage your shingle material.
Improper Alignment of Shingles
If the butted joints of the shingles are not on the same horizontal plane or cutouts of shingles are not vertical, then your shingles are not aligned properly.
Incorrect Overhang
Make sure that the edges of shingles are hanging over your roof between an inch and an inch half while installing drip edge flashing. Overhang shingles can allow water to enter in or they can blow off in high winds.
Incorrect Shingle Exposure
Five inch exposure is suggested for the standard three-tab shingles. If you choose less than five inches, your shingles can be vulnerable to damage from moisture.

Bottom Line
Avoid these common roofing mistakes to prevent water leakage and to save on future repairs or replacements on your roof. Some mistakes to avoid include: the incorrect installation of shingles, improper slope, the incorrect usage of nails, and many more to prevent running the risk of having to remodel your home.

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